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General Submission.

We are now open to submissions for a brand new project: an anthology of short stories called "Darkly Yours". This time we are going to publish it in English, even though we are a Spanish cultural association (a humble one, by the way). Later, we would translate the texts into Spanish and publish the book in that language.

"Darkly Yours" will be about love and darkness, from no matter what point of view (the darker the better, though). Relationships taken from a devious angle, so to speak. Your story can be horror, dark fantasy, even SF, on the condition that love is essential to the plot and it has a twist to the dark and sinister.

"Darkly Yours" will be the first English horror anthology published in Spain ever!

It will feature short stories from both English & Spanish-speaking writers.

We are a non-profit cultural association called Tusitala Ediciones, devoted to this kind of risky & quixotic projects since 2003. We already published a French version of our Spanish mag SABLE, and an Italian SF/horror anthology a few years ago.

Being this a really modest project, we rely on crowdfunding in order to try and publish it. With the money received –if any–, we'll try to meet the expenses and compensate somehow all contributors: authors, illustrator, translators, proofreader...

Because of our limited resources, it would be really difficult to go on with this anthology all alone.

Wordcount: 3000-8000 words.
Times 12, single spaced. RTF format. NOT .docx, please.
The stories must be completely unpublished, not having appeared either in print or in whatsoever online form (ebook, blogs...)
Contact data included at the same file.
Deadline to send texts: 10th September 2011.

If we finally get the helping at the crowdfunding site (, the authors selected will receive a free copy of the English book plus a little payment.


Fermín Moreno - Spain
Tusitala Ediciones

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We are open to artwork submissions now.

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